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Electric Fencing and Clear-view Fencing in Johannesburg

Saxmoore Services is a electric fencing company that has a twenty year long history of supplying industries and households alike with industrial electric fencing, commercial electric fencing and residential electric fencing. As one of a group of compliant electric fencing installers, Saxmoore Services has an electric fencing certificate.    We offer an electric fencing C.O.C with all our electric fencing installations.

Starting out with humble beginnings and a bright future in 1995, Saxmoore Services set out to help residents of Johannesburg fight crime. By offering affordable electric fencing and affordable clear view fencing in Johannesburg Saxmoore Services has built itself up on its ability to provide smart, safe and secure electric fencing in Johannesburg as well as offer security services such as CCTV, alarm systems, automatic gate installations and various security maintenance needs.

Our staff are some of the best in the business. With an exceptionally low staff turnover as well as members of staff who will assist you with your security installation requirements having many years of experience along with a variety skills and valuable knowledge that they have gained from doing on the job work.

We make sure that the requirements of our customers are met every time by making sure that both our team and our client have a thorough knowledge and understanding of what the job will require. This requires a clear communication between the client and our staff, and working together we are able to come up with a clear strategy about what will be required to get the job done, and to get it done effectively.

With so much experience working in an industry that aims to deter and fight crime, we know what products you will need to make sure that your home or business is well guarded. And with so many years working within the security service industry, we have noted the various patterns and trends in criminal behaviour. This means that we can advise you on what will work best for when you are trying to organize your security in a way that will best help you to prevent crime.

At Saxmoore Services we can provide you with not only the best security service products but, because of our years of knowledge within the security services industry, we can provide you with the best advice for keeping your home safe from intruders.

Electric fencing in Johannesburg should always be done by a professional company that is one of the recognized, compliant electric fencing installers to ensure that the electric fencing compliancy is in line with the laws, rules and regulations that surround electric fencing in Johannesburg and other areas of the country.

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