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With the ever increasing demand for personalised fever screening equipment, we understand the importance of keeping your operation running effectively and not putting your business and staff at risk. A persons temperature is an important indication of their current health status and in most cases a person with an above average temperature has a health issue. Therefore it is critical that this is detected as quickly and as accurately as possible, at these uncertain times , advanced technology provides a safer more efficient alternative.

Saxmoore offer a wide range of fever screening devices that will suit your business and can be deployed extremely quickly.

With our range of Temperature Screening devices, you are in full control of screening large groups of people simultaneosly, eliminating the physical screening by your personnel adding that extra peace of mind.

This advanced thermal technology is designed to detect skin-surface temperatures and in doing so will reduce false alarms from other heat sources.

  • Only detects skin surface temperature

  • Measurement avoids physical contact

  • One second temperature detection

  • Immediate Alarm Notifications

  • Multi-person simultaneous detection

Customised Solutions

There are a wide range of products available, that can be used in hospitals, warehouses, airports, office blocks and many other public areas. This will be highly efficient where a large amount of people enter an area at the same time. It takes a second to measure multiple persons simultaneously in turn reducing the need for additional on site personnel.

Hikvision Thermal Screening Camera

Temperature Screening Thermographic Camera


Thermographic Bullet Camera

Highly sensitive thermal lens with 160 x 120 resolution that supports temperature screening and is equiped with an audio alarm should it detect someone above the set temperature.

Face Recognition Terminals