Maintain it with Saxmoore – Maintenance Contracts

Installing an electric fence is one thing, but maintaining it, is another. Saxmoore Services offers a wide variety of Maintenance Contracts with options to ensure that your electric fence always feels electric. What? You need to make sure that your electric fence is working at 100% to ensure the safety of your family and household goods. Maintenance contracts that offer a full monthly perimeter inspection of your electric fence and breach report can help you do this. Another way is removing [...]


The Law behind the Electric fence

Electric fencing is undoubtedly one of the most sort after security measures and protection barriers for household and industrial areas. However, certain laws have been put in place to prevent electric fences from being lethal. Let’s have a closer look at the law behind the electric fence. In October 2012, laws came into effect from government, relating to non-lethal electric fencing. Electric fences can be very dangerous if contact is made with them. However, there are other aspects that promoted [...]


Saxmoore, at your Service!

Service delivery is such an important notion. Unfortunately, most South African employees in retail and sales have got it way wrong. But not to worry… Here at Saxmoore, service is what we do. It’s literally in our name. Our Products Saxmoore Services offers a wide variety of security products and fencing options. From electric to clear-view fencing, alarm systems and CCTV, we supply and install quality products without leaving a hole in your wallet. With a free quotation and maintenance options, [...]


Top 10 Security Measures for SA Home Owners

It’s so common these days, we don’t even feel shocked when we hear or read about it. Yes, house break-ins are on the rise. But Saxmoore Services has compiled a list of the top 10 most effective security measures SA home owners can implement to ensure that their homes are protected. After all, prevention is way better than cure. 1. Motorized Gates It may be costly to install at first, but well worth the spend in the long run. Motor operated [...]


Crime Stats in SA

There is not one person these days that can say, “I am not affected by crime.” Whether you have experienced a house robbery or hijacking, or someone you know and love has, we are all affected by the crime in our country. SAPS posted their crime statistics from 2016/2017 in October 2017 and this was the conclusion. There were 22 343 reported house break ins from April 2016 to March 2017. An average of 61 houses were targeted per day during [...]

Electric fencing in Johannesburg

Electric Fencing in Johannesburg

What you didn’t know about Electric Fencing Has your home ever been broken into? Were you at home when it happened? Or do you know of someone who’s house got broken into and all their valuable possessions were taken? Knowing that strangers can enter your property is a nerve-wracking thought! It raises a fear within you that cannot be silenc+ed. If this is the case, your only option is to upgrade and improve your security with Electric Fencing in Johannesburg. You might [...]

A warning about your electric fencing in Johannesburg is unlikely to be enough of a deterrent to keep criminals away

Stop criminals in their tracks with electric fencing

Give your home the extra protection that it needs by installing reliable electric fence. I’m sure we all feel as though we are living in a Wild West country these days. Gunfights on the streets and daily news about how dangerous it is becoming out there really puts a damper on the way in which we live our lives. Our thoughts immediately turn to the worst case scenarios that our family could find themselves in should we not have all [...]