CCTV installation

CCTV installation (security cameras)

Why opt for a CCTV system?

A CCTV installation is one of the best forms of security. It enables you to see intruders before they hit. Coupled with an alarm system or an electric fence you are able to view the cause of an alarm event without having to put yourself in harm’s way. In the unfortunate event of a break-in or attempted break-in you are able to go back and view the footage. This allows you to identify weak spots in your security system. CCTV systems also allow you to log in remotely and view your home or office on your cell phone or laptop. This can prevent you walking in on a break-in. You also can see what is going on outside your property before you arrive home to prevent a hi-jacking.

Saxmoore services offer a wide range of cctv installation options to meet your need. Whether you want to secure your home, office, warehouse, estate, farm etc we can tailor a solution best suited for you! Contact us now for a free quotation.

CCTV Solutions

  • AHD high definition cctv installation

  • IP Network CCTV Installation

  • Wireless networking of IP CCTV

  • CCTV system maintenance

CCTV showcase

Darkfighter network CCTV: Superior night vision technology.

Check out the new HikVision Darkfighter series. These security cameras deliver a stunning display in low light settings. The result is practically indistinguishable from daylight conditions. See for yourself. Saxmoore is fully equipped and experienced to install these at your office or estate. Contact us for a free quotation.