Maintain it with Saxmoore – Maintenance Contracts

Maintain it with Saxmoore – Maintenance Contracts

Installing an electric fence is one thing, but maintaining it, is another. Saxmoore Services offers a wide variety of Maintenance Contracts with options to ensure that your electric fence always feels electric.


You need to make sure that your electric fence is working at 100% to ensure the safety of your family and household goods. Maintenance contracts that offer a full monthly perimeter inspection of your electric fence and breach report can help you do this. Another way is removing any faults and potential faults from your electric fencing.

Maintenance Contracts for Who?

You don’t have to be an expert on electric fencing to maintain it though. Saxmoore can do it for you. From perimeter inspection to removing of faults, tensioning of electric fencing wires, replacing of broken bobbins, hooks and springs, clearing of foliage (excluding grass cutting), voltage tests and reports on electric fencing as well as alarm testing and reports. We also test and replace batteries on electric fence energizers.


But wait! There’s more… our maintenance contracts include 1 free call out per month over and above monthly inspection. And because Saxmoore likes to go the extra mile, we offer painting of posts on a free-standing fence where rust is detected and a monthly report sent via email.


Saxmoore understands the need of electric fence maintenance. Our maintenance contract areas include but are not limited to Alberton, Eikenhoff, Walkerville and Drumblade. Don’t wait for a fault or storm to hit, call us today for a free quote on all your maintenance contract needs.

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