Top 10 Security Measures for SA Home Owners

Top 10 Security Measures for SA Home Owners

It’s so common these days, we don’t even feel shocked when we hear or read about it. Yes, house break-ins are on the rise. But Saxmoore Services has compiled a list of the top 10 most effective security measures SA home owners can implement to ensure that their homes are protected. After all, prevention is way better than cure.

1. Motorized Gates

It may be costly to install at first, but well worth the spend in the long run. Motor operated gates are easily opened while you remain safe in your car. Also making life much easier when it’s raining outside.

2. Fencing

Making sure that your property is fenced off doesn’t just assist in security measures. Your neighbours can also clearly see your perimeter and your portion of the property. An electric fence or wall is just another hiccup for any intruders thinking they have easy access to your home. The more hiccups, the less likely they willing to try and enter.



3. Lighting

Thieves like darkness as it provides the perfect cover for a house burglary. Always check that your yard is well lite up, especially leading up the driveway and to the front door. Too much lighting can create a catch 22, however with the various options today, you can avoid unwanted attention. Invest in sensor lights, that go on when motion is detected. Or a timer that allows the lights in the house to come on at a certain time every day.

4. Windows

We all tend to forget certain things at some point and with our busy lives, it’s even harder to remember the small things. Get yourself in a routine of checking that the windows are closed and locked before going to bed. When opening your windows during the day, don’t open them wider than necessary. Thieves look for easy access points in homes and believe it or not, an open window is always first option. It’s also important to do a maintenance check on all your windows. Make sure they are not rusting or rotting away.

5. Locks

You might think that a cheaper lock will still do the job. And sometimes they do. But in the event of a burglary, a cheap lock will not stop intruders gaining access into your home. Spend a bit of extra money on a deadbolt, especially for your front door. Heavy duty locks are reliable security measures. Keep your spare keys in a safe place and away from common storage areas like under the mat outside the front door.

6. Dogs

A lot of people are afraid of dogs, including intruders. Depending on the type of dog you get, you can have an extra form of security without the high costs. A family pet will always alert the family against intruders and prevent them from getting closer to you than need be. Dogs also offer companionship and keep other intruders, like rats, at bay. Having more than one dog patrolling your perimeter will easily scare off any unwanted visitors.

7. Safe Room

As much as you try and prevent intruders from gaining access into your home, sometimes they make it in. It is important to know what to do in the event that you and your family are at home when thieves attack. Have a “safe room” in the house that you can easily get to but is secured with a slam lock gate or security gate. Have routine drills and practice from different areas in your home to make it to the “safe room”.

8. Security System

CCTV in and outside your home will help you know when someone is around your home, especially if they are not supposed to be. Alarm systems also make it harder for thieves to enter as they are scared off should they trigger it. Taking these extra security measures gives you peace of mind that your home and belongings are safer.



9. Positioning of valuables

It’s difficult to always think “what does a thief see when they look at my home?” But such thinking can be the difference between a potential break-in and an actual break-in. Survey your home from the outside, especially at night. Can you see through the curtains, is your tv visible from the front door, can you hear the high-fi system playing in the street? Don’t make it obvious that you have expensive goods in your home. Keep such information to yourself.

10. Routine

  1. Finally, get into the habit of doing routine checks in and around your home. Daily, make sure the garage door is closed, windows are closed before going to bed. The front, back and any other entrance door is locked. Test your alarm system once a month. Should it be faulty, get someone out to check immediately. Test your sensor lights and keep your yard maintained. Cut the grass and trim the trees. Thieves survey potential target homes and if they see that your aware of your surroundings, it makes it more difficult for them to enter.

It may be a bit expensive when it comes to implementing these security measures, but you won’t regret it. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you wish you could have done more to prevent a break-in. And remember, Saxmoore Services offers you smart, safe, secure and reliable security options to suit any budget and home. No home is too big or small. Contact us today for a free quote.

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